Metcon Update - January 2022

In Red - Metcon goes ahead!

January 27th 2022


Metcon Madness Update 


Following the move to red traffic light setting and considering the potential spread of the Covid Omicron variant,  Metcon Madness has updated how we will operate on February 12th.

Our new event outline and direction will reflect the sport event restriction of 100 people in any area (bubble). As our facility is mainly outdoors, we have many areas we can utilise for bubble separation, and are confident we can run a safe and fun event within the government restrictions.


Metcon Madness format for this year:


Teams will complete all of their workouts in a 100min timeframe, and then leave the site. For Metcon 2022 that will be 4 WODs.

We will rotate through 4 heats on the day, each heat comprised of 2 bubbles (80 athletes per bubble )



Beginning our day at 8.15am, we will welcome Heat 1 - two bubbles of athletes. These bubbles will have separate warmup and briefing/staging areas.

  • Bubble 1 will begin their day completing 2 WODs on the field within 40mins - while Bubble 2 will be completing their 2 WODs on the Rig area in 40 mins.

  • At the completion of the first 2 WODs athletes will return to their separate staging areas while we complete a sanitisation procedure, before moving to the alternate area to finish their remaining 2 WODs.  Again, these will be completed within 40mins.


Once all 4 WODs are completed and you’ve taken a quick flurry of team photos, we will ask that you promptly leave the site and enjoy the rest of your Saturday.



We know that much of our CrossFit events involve having friends and family support so have taken advice in order to enable limited spectators on the day. We are pleased we can initiate a third bubble just for spectators, separated from the athlete bubbles. We ask that those who wish to be spectators respect the rules and stay in the designated area, and to not mix with athlete bubbles. This bubble will have an 80 person limit and will be onsite for a maximum duration of 2 hours before being asked to make way for other spectators supporting their teams.

To maintain the integrity of the spectator bubble, there will be registration process to ensure we have no more than 80 at a time, details to come.


  • Athletes will be encouraged to wear masks at all times they aren’t competing. This is for athlete and judges safety.

  • Athletes and spectators are required to stay within their bubble areas at all times. Separate toilet facilities will be provided for all bubbles.

  • We will not have the ability for food vendors onsite but will have a coffee cart, so please come prepped with all hydration and nutrition needs.


We will send communication next week about WODs, facility layout and other instruction specific to the day. We expect no more changes to the red traffic light setting but will update you if there are more.


Overall, we know we can provide a safe and enjoyable competition within the government restrictions. We are excited to have you all on the day and have some spicy WODs planned.



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